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The Best Soundtrack for Your Beauty Studio

Have you ever thought about the background music you hear at the dentist, the grocery store, or the pharmacy? Probably not, right? According to a study conducted by Nicolas Guéguen, Céline Jacob, Marcel Lourel and Hélène Le Guelle, the tempo of the

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Goals Every Lash Artist Should Have

Up your lash game by making (and achieving) these four goals. It’s important to set goals – in your professional and your personal life. As a lash artist there’s four goals our technicians stick to. Stay Stocked Keeping your work

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Learn How to Perform Shadow Effect

At this moment, powder/shadow effect is getting more and more popular. In our studio, we have created a few different types of shadow effect. These techniques you can achieve with different tools, machine and manually. For manual method, we use

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Make Amazing Money Learn Microblading

Microblading has quickly risen to one of the most popular services offered in the beauty industry, practically overnight! It’s easy to see why something that was once thought of as a small service is now sweeping across the world. Microblading,

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