Must-Know Secrets to Keep Your Clients From Blinking

Must-Know Secrets to Keep Your Clients From Blinking

Whether you’re a beginner lash artist or a master technician, there’s one thing that can make a lash extension appointment longer than it needs to be – fluttery eyelids. Fortunately, there’s a quick trick you can do to calm their nerves.

The Trick

Ask your client to place their right hand over their belly button and their left hand at the base of their breastbone.

Once your client is in this position, ask her to take a deep breath into her nose. When she exhales (through the mouth), ask her to bring her awareness below her hands – or, in other words, to bring her focus inwards.

By doing this, you’re basically asking the client to meditate.

So, Why Does This Work?

Whenever you ask someone to keep their eyes shut, they’re consciously thinking about doing just that. By asking the client to bring their consciousness inwards, it will make them more aware of their entire body.

This exercise is commonly used to combat stress, neurosis, and anxiety.

What Else Can I do?

Keeping your client comfortable is key – a clean space with minimal clutter is ideal. Be sure to chat with your client periodically through the procedure to let them know what you’re doing, this will keep your client calm.

Ask Your Client to Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant, meaning it makes you jittery. If your client drinks coffee or tea before coming in, then they’ll be more likely to blink.

If all Else Fails, Use Tape

Eye Design’s microform medical-grade tape is perfect for keeping fluttery eyelids at bay. Just place a small amount on the top of the eyelid to keep your client’s lid still and ready for application.