Learn How to Perform Shadow Effect

At this moment, powder/shadow effect is getting more and more popular. In our studio, we have created a few different types of shadow effect. These techniques you can achieve with different tools, machine and manually.

For manual method, we use a manual pen with different needle combinations. For machine method, we use a traditional machine with one needle. In our studio, we generally use manual method. For manual method, we use a variety of round needles (5, 7, 9) and double flat needles (15, 17, 21). Smaller needles are for tiny details, while larger needles are used for larger details. Round needles make color more intense, while double flat needles make the effect softer, which is great for areas like the beginning of the brow.

Pigments for this technique are slightly different from microblading, because they must be softer and lighter. For this reason, we use distilled water or special pigment thinner to make the color softer and more diluted. The effect can look different on anyone, and the results will depend on what your client wants. We have 3 different varieties: powder, ombre, and shadow. The pigments that we use for powder we apply layer by layer. The pigments that we use are made by Eye Design, and are cruelty free, hypoallergenic, and mineral-based.

The pigment used must be chosen on a case-by-case basis for every client, as no two clients will be exactly the same. Powder/shadow effect is less aggressive than microblading or other permanent makeup techniques because we do not go as deeply into the skin. This means minimal healing for the skin, and also means no blood or pain for the client. This technique is very safe, and we recommend that beginners use this technique, as manual powder effect method is easier than machine powder method.

If you’re interested in learning classic microblading as well as powder effect, please enroll for our Microblading Masterclass, hosted by Eye Design University. You can register online and you can learn more by contacting [email protected] Hurry! Space is limited