Make Amazing Money Learn Microblading

Microblading has quickly risen to one of the most popular services offered in the beauty industry, practically overnight! It’s easy to see why something that was once thought of as a small service is now sweeping across the world.

Microblading, a semi-permanent solution to all of your brow problems, is now seen on celebrities, models, and politicians. People love the idea of waking up with picture-perfect brows, and foregoing costly and inefficient solutions like hair transplants and brow pomade. The best part? These brows don’t fall off, or rub off!

You can make up to $800 per microblading session.* You can easily $8,000 per week, based on just 10 clients per week.This equals out to about $416,000 annually, with extremely small supply costs. This figure does not include gratuity, which is commonly added by the client. You can also change your schedule, depending on how many clients you want to see. This means you can increase profits exactly as much as you want to!

If you’re interested in giving people the brows they’ve always dreamed of, and you want to set your own schedule and make your own money, microblading training is the perfect solution for you! Whether you’re a busy mom, an over-studied student, or just someone who is tired of their current field, you can learn the amazing art of microblading in just 3 days! Microblading training isn’t just for newbies in the industry. If you already offer beauty services, microblading is a wonderful thing to add to the menu, shortening your time at work while making even more money.

If you’ve already taken a microblading certification course, it’s nothing like this! With live demos with Nadia Afanaseva herself, you’ll constantly be kept on your toes with new and exciting information, demos, and training on microblading as well as powder effect!

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