Basically, Nanoblading is similar to Microblading. The difference is that Nanoblading uses a machine with a smaller needle than microblading with a harder blade. It helps to make the procedure less painful, less damaging for skin and creates more natural-looking feathered brows. Also, the biggest advantage of this technique is that Nadia Afanaseva invented her new method to create hair strokes in 1,5 h instead of 3 h, which is more efficient for pmu masters.

During the class we provide you with everything necessary: booklets, supplies, machines, lunch/ coffee breaks, live models, also by the end of the class you receive a Free Kit with Eye Design products and a 10% discount for the Eye Design Store!

You don’t need a license to attend the class, you will only need to pass an online Bloodborne Pathogens Certification in order to work on live models.

Our Internationally Recognised Certification can be used Worldwide. For Practice in your state or Country you may have to obtain a government permit or license. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to give advice on licensing in order to avoid confusion, so we strongly recommend you to contact your local Health Department.


Yes! First you have to reserve your spot with a $500 deposit and then we can split the remaining balance into a few invoices, so you can make small payments and complete it by the class starting date!

We only accept 4 students per class, so we can fully focus on each one!

We provide 1 model per 2 students, usually 1 model for a day! The number of models depends on the class: for 2 days Basic PMU Class - 2 models, for 3 days Basic Nanoblading Class - 2 models, for 1 day Nanoblading Masterclass - 1 model, for 2 days Eyelash Extensions Class - 1 model! If you are an experienced technician and you would like to do a model totally by yourself - we can discuss it.

We gladly offer Private and Online Classes! This option is suitable for students who can’t attend the class in person or would like to have full attention of the instructor working one on one. All the details regarding the pricing and the dates have to be discussed with the Class Manager. We can be more flexible and choose the date that will be convenient for both sides. The price depends on the number of days and the instructor that you will choose - Nadia or Laura.

With a $500 deposit you can reserve your spot for any class and if you have unexpected changes, please, let us know in advance, so we can reschedule you for the upcoming class! According to our policy we can refund ONLY if the class was rescheduled by our initiative and it’s contrary to your plans, but with the deposit you've made, as I already mentioned, we can reschedule you for the next class according to the schedule or you can also use this amount for products at our Eye Design Store!

We provide you with a few machines during the class, so you can try and practice with each one. The Kit doesn’t include the machine as it’s an individual tool and you have to buy one for yourself according to your personal preferences: pricing, brand etc.

All of these nuances will be discussed during the class, but we can give you an approximate price range for machines: from $200 to $1000.

Yes, we have a parking lot in front of the building, but it is not free! If you need to park your car we can provide you with details directly!

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