What happened at May MasterClass 2019?

Watch a detailed demonstration the Powder Effect procedure step-by-step from beginning to end

If you were not able to join us for our most recent MasterClass training workshop, don’t worry–there is still plenty of time to reserve your seat for the next one! In the meantime, keep reading for an inside look at what you can expect when you choose to learn microblading or Powder Effect at Eye Design University.

Have ever wondered what goes on inside an Eye Design University Microblading MasterClass? We just wrapped our second three-day microblading workshop of the year! Our creative team was there the entire time to bring you the scoop from our latest MasterClass.

We were proud to host 15 Platinum students and one Gold student this time around. The group became fast friends amongst each other and had a great time together! Both our Microblading and Powder Effect MasterClasses include an exciting group atmosphere full of networking opportunities for aspiring technicians, as well as already-established technicians. Eye Design University welcomes artists of *all* skill levels.

On Day 1 of our Microblading MasterClass, students learn directly from our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, as well as our Senior Technician Mona. We go over everything you need to know about microblading theory and Itten’s Color Wheel. With in-depth materials to enhance your learning experience, such as photos, videos and graphics, students get to know Eye Design’s theory and techniques step by step!

The day ends with a live-model demonstration by our Master Tech Nadia and Senior Tech Mona! Students can watch up-close as Eye Design’s most in-demand and experienced technicians slowly go through the process, from measuring and drawing to aftercare.

Day 2 is when students start working hands-on. They study our exclusive five-point drawing method in order to create customized brows for each unique client, then try it for themselves! First, our students work with paper and pencil, then they quickly move onto artificial skin. Using Eye Design’s top-quality tools and supplies, students get a feel for the blade in their hand.

In addition to customized eyebrow shapes of all types, students learn natural-looking hair-stroke patterns (microblading) or flattering pigment-application patterns (Powder Effect). They work with different blades using manual (microblading) or machine (Powder Effect) tools.

Although we don’t enjoy saying goodbye to our students, the third and final day of MasterClass is the most exciting! Students who register for the Platinum class package test their skills on two live models.

Students may be nervous, but all are able to provide great results for every model with one-on-one help directly from Eye Design’s talented technicians! Our studio’s most experienced technicians, including Master Tech Nadia, Senior Techs Mona and Daniela and Advanced Tech Olga, are always here to help on live-model day.

Even though MasterClass is a fun and exciting group workshop, students still enjoy the benefits of working individually with the best-known names in the semi-permanent makeup industry. From Day 1 to Day 3, our Eye Design University students are encouraged to ask questions and request help whenever they need it! Our technicians work hand-over-hand with students to ensure each one feels confident with our drawing and hair-stroke/pigment-application techniques.

Students always enjoy getting to know Eye Design’s famous technicians at our MasterClasses. This technician-to-technician, artist-to-artist dynamic truly sets our training programs apart from others in the industry. We have successfully trained more than 5,000 students using these learning methods, who go on to earn $8,000 per week or more!

To join us for a Microblading or Powder Effect MasterClass, or any of our other training workshops, visit Eye Design University by clicking here, or call (917) 708-8870.