Turning your Passion for Beauty Into a Career

Nadia Afanaseva - Eye Design University

Nadia Afanaseva began her career as a Master Technician in Russia before becoming a massive success in Manhattan. She is immensely grateful for the success she has been able to achieve in the four years since she moved across the world. Let her story inspire you.

Working in the beauty industry is a dream for many young women, even from the time they are little girls. I started my career in beauty at 18-years-old in Russia, where I grew up, because I have always had a passion for making women feel more confident and beautiful in their own skin. But, that was not enough to launch my career into what it is today.

Getting to the point where I currently am, with one of the most in-demand microblading and lash studios in the world, my own product line, and training programs that have taught over 5,000 students, took a lot of hard work. The process was not easy, and I still continue to learn and grow with my team every single day.

It is important to have other interests besides beauty so you can become a more well-rounded person. In addition to work, I love art in general. But at work, my love of art has made me better at what I do; I have a passion for the craftsmanship of my work and I truly feel that I am among world class artists in our studio. Beauty is art!

Of course, I wouldn’t be anywhere without my support system! I am lucky enough to own this business with my husband–Mike and I have been working together for 10 years! He handles finances and the business-end of Eye Design while I tackle all the creative tasks. Although our objectives at the office are so different, we are both strong leaders. This means we butt heads a lot. We have our little quarrels, but in the end it always makes our love stronger.

I am also a strong believer in women supporting women, so my team of girls means so much to me! They are always there to pick me up when I am upset or stressed, and they also help me celebrate our success. I couldn’t do what I do without them–and I wouldn’t want to, either!

But the best part of coming to work is the clients! Helping others become the most radiant versions of themselves is what keeps me going.

It took me four years to become a microblading Master. I practiced a lot during that time, and I still continue to practice my art. So, I tell other student techs that if they practice hard, they can achieve the same results in a short time frame. It really depends on how much time you put into practicing.