The new must-have product for makeup artists!

The new must-have product for makeup artists!

Calling all makeup artists: There’s a new way to give your clients beautiful brows! You will love Eye Design’s luxe brow tool, created by our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, the ultimate eyebrow expert.

Eye Design has good news for all makeup artists searching for a top-quality, fuss-free brow pencil. Nadia Afanaseva’s luxe Eyebrow Pencil has officially launched!

Available only through our website, Eye Design’s first-ever makeup product comes in three stunning shades so that you can create beautiful, natural-looking results for all clients! As our studio’s founder and Master Technician, Nadia worked directly with product developers to perfect her Eyebrow Pencil’s versatile luxury formula.

The wax-based formula is truly revolutionary! Its thick consistency helps hold the natural brow hairs in place while lasting hours on the skin.

You can apply our Eyebrow Pencil to the natural hairs without touching the skin for the softest results or layer it on the skin for bold brows. With three essential, true-to-life shades, brows will never look too harsh, even after several layers.

Want to learn more about each shade? Keep reading so that you can find the perfect match for every client, every single time!

Light Brown

Light Brown has cool (ashy) undertones and is for blondes, brunettes and redheads with light skin.

Medium Brown

Medium Brown has warm undertones and is for blondes and brunettes with medium to dark skin.

Dark Brown

Dark Brown has neutral undertones and is for brunettes with dark to deep skin.

The key to creating jaw-dropping brows for your clients happens in four to five easy steps! This is what Nadia recommends:

  1. Start from the center of the brow and work outwards.
  2. Create very small strokes using light pressure.
  3. Little by little, work towards the tail.
  4. Go back to the beginning to keep the brows looking as natural as possible.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 to achieve a more intense look.

Ideal for all makeup artists, Eye Design’s Brow Pencil features sturdy packaging. It is travel-friendly and includes a double-ended brush to work product through the brows. In three beautiful shades, it is suitable for all skin tones & skin types. Wearers are left with flawless, natural-looking results every time!

Our Eyebrow Pencil is also dual-ended with a brush that helps work product through the brows. Its dual-ended brush moves pigment through the natural brows hairs for the most realistic results. Even those who are not 100-percent confident in their makeup skills will find this product to be easy to use.

Along with her team, Nadia strived to make the Eyebrow Pencil a user-friendly tool so that makeup artists can create amazing results for photoshoots, video shoots and special occasions without the commitment of microblading or semi-permanent makeup!

Discover what the hype is about now and be among the first to try this innovative new tool: Eye Design’s must-have Brow Pencil is available exclusively via our online store! 

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