Start your career in permanent makeup this November!

Expand the list of services you can offer your clients in just FOUR DAYS with Eye Design’s first-ever Semi-permanent Makeup MasterClass! Written and led by Nadia Afanaseva, she will share her secrets for flawless eyeliner, eyebrow makeup and lip makeup.

With just one machine tool, you can learn more than three life-changing semi-permanent makeup procedures! Eye Design’s techniques for semi-permanent eyeliner, lip makeup and eyebrow makeup are fast, easy and effective.

Transform your clients with customized results while you increase your income and grow your clientele base. Semi-permanent makeup is the makeup of the future and gives modern women the everyday convenience they deserve!

Eye Design’s first-ever Semi-permanent Makeup MasterClass will take place November 10, 11, 12 and 13 in our brand-new, state-of-the-art classroom space in the city of Englewood, New Jersey. This location is conveniently located across the George Washington Bridge, approximately 30 minutes from Eye Design’s Midtown Manhattan studio. (Parking is completely free and there is plenty of it!)

Over the course of four days, students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, will experience nearly all that Eye Design has to offer, directly from our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva!

Nadia developed all of our studio’s techniques herself, exclusively for Eye Design. Her goal is to help women everywhere feel more beautiful, but Nadia cannot do that all on her own! So, she created Eye Design University, a place where she can share her techniques with passionate, like-minded beauty professionals (and aspiring beauty professionals) who can bring her techniques worldwide!

Our Semi-permanent Makeup MasterClass includes… 

Day 1: Introduction

  • An introduction to the permanent makeup industry
  • In-depth information on tools + supplies, workplace organization + safety
  • How-to: Analyze the skin + choose the right clients
  • Lessons on common mistakes, allergic reactions, complications + side effects
  • Expert knowledge on client consultations, monthly + annual touch-ups, medical history + analysis, legal agreements
  • Important aftercare information for lips, eyes + brows
  • Essential practice on artificial skin for both linear + Powder/gradient techniques

Day 2: Color theory, pigments + brows

  • Color theory + pigment theory (including color changes/corrections)
  • Skin tones + undertones
  • Eye Design Pigments: Pick the best shade for each client!
  • The Powder Effect procedure step-by-step
  • Working with the skin around the brows + skin specifics

Day 3: Symmetry + eyeliner

  • Facial structure, face shapes + characteristics, the effects of facials muscles
  • How-to: Pick the perfect eyeliner look for each client
  • Symmetry + asymmetry
  • The Golden Ratio
  • Pigments for semi-permanent eyeliner
  • Eyeliner procedures step-by-step
  • Working with the skin around the eyes + skin specifics

Day 4: Removal/corrections, marketing + lips

  • Corrections, tattoo + permanent/semi-permanent makeup removal
  • Pigments for semi-permanent lip makeup
  • Face shapes/structures, facial features + muscles for semi-permanent lip makeup
  • Semi-permanent lip makeup procedures step-by-step
  • Working with the skin around the lips + skin specifics
  • Marketing tools + pricing

What to expect at Eye Design University:

  • All Eye Design University courses are written + led by Nadia Afanaseva.
  • Watch Nadia in action while she reveals her secrets for reliable techniques that work!
  • A detail-oriented approach to learning! We explain every step + focus on key details.
  • In an intimate group setting, you will have plenty of professional networking opportunities.
  • This in-demand alternative to makeup is growing rapidly! Set yourself apart from other PMUAs with certification from Eye Design!
  • Great for beginners + experienced artists alike. Start with the basics, then learn Nadia’s exclusive techniques!
  • Discover knowledge + engage in true-to-life experiences under the guidance of New York City’s best beauty professionals.
  • 5,000+ students have graduated from Eye Design University and we have served more than 25,000 clients at our studio.
  • All grads receive a lifetime 10% discount on all Eye Design products + future classes.

Ready to begin your journey in the semi-permanent makeup industry? Want to enhance or add to the skills you’ve already learned? It is time to call Eye Design University at (917) 708-8870. Click here to request more information.