Sign-up NOW for September’s Microblading MasterClass!

Sign-up NOW for September’s Microblading MasterClass!

Eye Design’s next Microblading MasterClass will be here before we know it, but there is still time to register! Keep reading to learn how you can reserve your seat at this professional training workshop.

Eye Design’s Microblading MasterClass is always an inspiring team for our entire team. The next 3-day professional training workshop will take place on September 30 through October 2. 

There is still time to join us for this exciting event! Our team of technicians would love to see you there… Eye Design founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, Senior Techs Mona and Daniela, as well as Advanced Techs Olga and Larissa, are always there to teach our students and work with them one-on-one. They are highly skilled and have years of experience at Eye Design; they come fully equipped to help you tackle any obstacle you face!

Are you curious about Eye Design’s Microblading MasterClass workshop? Keep reading to discover what it’s like inside and discover how you can reserve your seat.

Day 1

Our MasterClass is a three-day event and takes place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day! We schedule MasterClass for three full days in order to prepare our students for the real world when they leave; students can begin working on actual models and clients as soon as they complete this program. The Eye Design team wants to boost your confidence through an intensive MastrClass workshop!

Day 1 (September 30) includes important information on the theory behind Nadia’s exclusive microblading procedure, as well as essential color theory and valuable marketing tips from the pros! The day ends with a live demo by Eye Design’s most in-demand brow artists. Watch a complete microblading procedure up-close, from beginning to end, including prep, the drawing process and aftercare.

Day 2

The second day (October 1) of our Microblading MasterClass is more hands-on. Eye Design’s team of technicians show students our studio’s signature five-point drawing method. Developed by Nadia herself, our five-point drawing method is a foolproof way to create the perfect shape brows for all clients!

Our five-point drawing method takes several measurements to help artists find the ideal brows for clients as individuals based on their one-of-a-kind facial features. It works on every model or client, every single time.

MasterClass students first practice this technique with pencil and paper, then, once they feel comfortable and have had their work approved by an Eye Design instructor, they move onto pigments, blades and artificial skin.

Instructors work with students the entire way and guide them using a 

Day 3

Arguably the most exciting day of MasterClass, Day 3 (October 2) is devoted to live-model practice (and our students love it)! One-on-one with Eye Design’s technicians, each student works on two live models. Models are hand-chosen by our team of experts so that they are ideal candidates for the microblading technique, then booked for four hours at a time so that students can work slowly and carefully.

Just like a real client appointment, students consult with their models before getting to work, in order to learn about his or personal preferences. Then, the five-point drawing method begins. At Eye Design, we always give our models the chance to approve their drawings or request changes before pigment application begins. Students also apply a topical anesthetic (numbing cream) to the brow area so that models do not feel any pain during their treatment!

Students receive certification from Eye Design upon completion of Day 3, which allows both employers and clients alike to see that they have learned expert drawing and pigment-application techniques straight from our studio’s masters.

To join us for Microblading MasterClass this September, please call Eye Design University at (917) 708-8870. Click here to learn more about our professional training programs.