There’s no MAGIC button for SUCCESS – E-book version

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Why are we so attracted to success stories?
For one, it is because they allow us to touch the dream.
You are about to study someone else’s dream. You will delve into the details of what I was able to accomplish. When you experience the magic behind someone else’s success, you become the winner.


The story I am about to share with you is not a technical guide to success with organized steps for you to follow. Instead, I will reveal the secrets I learned along the way, my many mistakes and how they can be avoided, that you can implement on your own journey.
Could a girl from a rural village become a mil- lionaire in the United States and a headliner in the beauty industry? Could I have imagined, after moving to the U.S. and sometimes spending the night on a friend’s floor, that I would open a studio on 5th Avenue that attracts celebrity clients? The answer is YES! After all, dreams cannot be taken from us.

In this book I candidly share my path that led a young girl dreaming of the beauty industry to be- come a businesswoman who moved to a new country and earned her first $1 million in 3 years. I will share my transformation and insights with you. My path was not — and is not — linear; I constantly experienced the ups and downs of life and learned from these experiences. Just because the path is uneven does not mean you should stop walking it. You have to keep going.

I have already invested more than $5 million in business and personal development, and I really want my professional and personal growth to become your support and motivation. My dream is that everyone whose hands this book is in will be inspired to build her dream life and dream career in any industry.

Right now in your hands, you are holding a book that can change your life. I want you to transform your life, too. Our meeting is not accidental.

2 reviews for There’s no MAGIC button for SUCCESS – E-book version

  1. Sarah Johnson

    As someone who is just starting out on my own entrepreneurial journey, I found this book to be incredibly helpful.

  2. Emily C

    This book is a must-read for anyone looking to turn their dreams into reality. The author’s personal journey is both inspiring and relatable, and the lessons she shares are practical and applicable to anyone regardless of their chosen industry.

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