Our next Powder Effect MasterClass is only 1 week away!

May`s Microblading Masterclass - Eye Design University New York

Interested in learning Eye Design’s exclusive micro-shading technique for brows? Join us for our upcoming professional training workshop next week, June 23 through 25! Powder Effect is a must-know semi-permanent makeup solution for beginner and experienced artists alike.

The entire Eye Design team is so excited to host our second-ever Powder Effect MasterClass in just one week! After the success of our first group workshop for our studio’s exclusive Powder Effect semi-permanent brow solution, we are holding a second one only three months later.

Powder Effect, developed by Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, is a semi-permanent brow technique similar to microblading in that pigment is applied under the top layer of the skin (the epidermis) and its results last 12 to 18 months. However, there are many key differences.

While microblading adds volume to the eyebrows with hyper-realistic hair-like strokes, Powder Effect uses pin-dot pigment application to enhance the brows. Microblading results in fluffy, feathery brows, while Powder Effect results in a shaded gradient look (similar to one you would create with a brow pencil, pomade or any other traditional makeup products). It is known throughout the beauty industry by many names, including shadow effect, ombré brows and micro-shading.

During the microblading process, technicians apply hair strokes manually with a small pen tool. Powder Effect, on the other hand, uses a different technique that requires a machine tool. Therefore, the treatments cannot be taught effectively during the same class!

Brow artists who learn microblading can earn more than $400,000 a year (based on 10 clients a week at $800 each, the average cost of a procedure) and those who also learn Powder Effect can increase their income by 30 percent! This is because one in every 3 clients is a candidate for Powder Effect. It is a great alternative for those with extremely oily or extremely sensitive skin, who typically cannot benefit from the microblading procedure.

Developed to give clients the appearance of makeup without the daily hassle, Powder Effect is suitable for all skin types. Eye Design recommends microblading for clients with normal to dry skin. For clients with a lot of excess oil, we highly encourage our Powder Effect treatment for the most beautiful results. Oils can cause hyper-realistic hair strokes to become blurry under the skin or fade extremely quickly!

Our Powder Effect also works incredibly well on clients with sensitive and mature skin types because it uses a very gentle technique. (All of Eye Design’s technicians are trained to use gentle techniques for microblading and the rest of our semi-permanent beauty procedures. However, Powder Effect is one of the most gentle because it requires only pin-dot incisions, whereas microblading requires hair-stroke incisions.)

Eye Design encourages all brow artists–and aspiring brow artists–to learn both microblading and Powder Effect. As a beauty professional, your goal should be to cater to as many clients as possible. When you learn both techniques, you can solve almost any client’s brow dilemma! Combining the two techniques, which is known as Hybrid at Eye Design, is the ultimate solution for clients with extremely sparse brows, such as those suffering from alopecia or cancer-, hormone- or age-related hair loss.

To join us for our next Powder Effect MasterClass, or to inquire about any of our upcoming professional training workshops, please call Eye Design University at (917) 300-0317. Click here to visit Eye Design University.