Learn Powder Effect via LIVE STREAM with brow Master Nadia Afanaseva!

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Artists and aspiring artists worldwide can learn Nadia Afanaseva’s brow techniques at our first-ever MasterClass live stream! Join us Monday, September 9 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST for a live Powder Effect demo and Q & A session with Nadia herself.

Eye Design founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva has a goal: to bring her techniques worldwide! She wants everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin and believes that feeling starts with beautiful eyebrows.

While it is not possible for Nadia to perfect everyone’s eyebrows on her own, she enjoys teaching her techniques to other artists and aspiring artists. That way, it is possible for more women (and men!) benefit from expert microblading, micro-shading and more! Nadia loves interacting with students and sharing her skills, but the teaching experience is also a way for her to spread her semi-permanent beauty techniques throughout other communities.

Students have joined us for our Microblading and Powder Effect MasterClasses in New York City from other states and even from around the world! Of course, the entire Eye Design team is thrilled to receive students from near and far when we host MasterClass training workshops in New York City, but we want to reach even more students who are interested in learning our techniques. 

Thanks to technology, we can do just that! Earlier this year, Nadia and her team launched Eye Design University’s first-ever online classes. Available anywhere, any time, in English, Spanish and Russian, our online classes include absolutely everything students need to learn Nadia’s expert skills. 

Right now, advanced-level courses are available for experienced eyebrow artists, including microblading for over-plucked/over-waxed brows and microblading for dark skin. And soon, we will be expanding our Eye Design University online courses to include lessons for beginners! 

The first step includes Nadia’s very first MasterClass live stream! Due to the popularity of Powder Effect both at our Fifth Avenue studio and around the world, this live stream will be a lesson in Nadia’s exclusive micro-shading technique.

Powder Effect, also known throughout the industry as shadow effect, ombré brows and micro-shading, is a semi-permanent solution for those with medium to full natural eyebrow hair. Due to the gentle pigment-application process, it heals beautifully on all skin tones and skin types. In fact, one in three clients is a candidate for Powder Effect! (This means that an artist who learns the technique can increase his or her income by 30 percent.)

Unlike microblading, which involves hyper-realistic hair-like strokes, Powder Effect uses pin-dot pigment application to create flawless shaded brows for clients. The results? An airbrushed makeup look that lasts 12 to 18 months! During microblading, artists use manual pigment-application techniques to achieve the final results; during the Powder Effect process, however, artists use a small machine tool.

Technicians who are super-serious about their careers in semi-permanent beauty should make it a goal to learn both microblading and Powder Effect. The good news is that it does not matter which technique you learn first! Already know microblading? We would love to have you join us for our Powder Effect live stream! Just getting started in semi-permanent beauty? Make the best decision of your life when you register today!

To reserve your seat for Eye Design’s Powder Effect MasterClass live stream with Nadia, call our team at (917) 708-8870! This opportunity is open worldwide and is great for both advanced artists and brand-new beginners.

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