Learn microblading this summer & jump-start your career

Powder Masterclass - Eye Design University

No plans this summer? In just three days, you could become a semi-permanent brow professional at Eye Design’s Microblading MasterClass workshop. Learn everything you need to know about this popular technique from the industry’s leading artists.

Have you made any plans for the summertime yet? If you are unsure how to spend the season, we encourage you to join us for a Microblading MasterClass.

At our 3-day workshop, you will learn all the necessary skills and techniques for microblading, the beauty industry’s most buzzworthy semi-permanent eyebrow solution. We provide everything you need to become the best in the business, including two live models on the last day of the workshop. (Don’t be nervous! Eye Design’s most talented and experienced technicians are with you every step of the way.)

Our team also sends you home with a bag of tools and supplies, enough for your first 20 clients! Microblading MasterClass is exactly what you need to jumpstart your career in the beauty industry.

Eye Design welcomes complete beginners and experienced technicians alike to our Microblading MasterClass! We believe all who are passionate about beauty and changing the lives of others will benefit from our intensive 3-day training course. In addition to lectures and demonstrations from Eye Design’s Senior Technician Mona, students will work hands-on on artificial skin and enjoy networking with their classmates.

Beauty professionals (and aspiring beauty professionals!) from all over the world attend our classes, so you never know who you could meet this summer! Previously, we have had students come from as far as Australia for MasterClass workshops.

Think about it: In just three days, you could become a trusted professional in the beauty industry. Eye Design University will give you the confidence you need to start working on models and clients of your own right away. And when clients discover you trained with the experts at Eye Design, your schedule will fill up fast!

What better way to spend your summer than changing your career or investing in one you already love?

Microblading artists can earn $8,000 per week, or more! At 10 clients a week, and $800 per client (on average), you will earn $8,000. Plus, 10 new clients a week will leave you with room in your schedule to provide touch-ups for your previous clients, earning you more money. With microblading, you can become your own boss!

On Day 1 of MasterClass you will go over everything you need to know with Senior Tech Mona. This includes information on choosing the right clients for microblading, skin tones and skin types, color theory and more. You will also enjoy a live question and answer session with Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia, followed by a live-model demo, where you will watch Mona perform microblading up close, from start to finish on a real client!

Day 2 is a full day of practice, where you will put Eye Design’s exclusive 5-point drawing method to the test, first on paper, then on full skin. This will allow you to experiment with different brow shapes and hair-stroke patterns, and you will get a feel for the blade in your hand.

The last day is perhaps the most exciting day! Day 3 is when you will work on two live models of your own, with one-on-one guidance from Eye Design’s team. Be sure to snap before and after photos of each model for your portfolio!

Enrolling in our upcoming Microblading MasterClass is easy. Simply call our Director Of Classes at (917) 708-8870! She will guide you through the registration process and answer any questions you may have. Or, click here to learn more before you call.