How to Find the Best Microblading Class

If you’re looking into getting your microblading certification, it’s no wonder why: microblading is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand services in the beauty industry. Many salons and studios are having trouble keeping up with how many people want the service, and are looking for technicians who are ready and able to give their clients the brows of their dreams! If you’re ready to enter the amazing world of microblading, it can be daunting going through page after page of classes, not knowing which ones are right for you. There are a couple tips and tricks for verifying that a class will be everything you want and more. Listed below are Eye Design’s helpful pointers for finding the best class for you:

1. What does the program offer? Your class should offer comprehensive education, demonstrations, and theories regarding the art of microblading. This includes sterilization, color theory, and other often-disregarded topics. If your class offers models, they should be provided to you. There should be an easy-to-follow lesson plan that aims to answer any questions that you may have before seeing paying clients.

2. What do reviews say about your teacher? Your teacher is an extremely large part of your learning experience. You should attempt to find a class with a teacher who has a long history in microblading, as well as awards and accolades in the beauty industry in general. If possible, you should view the individual work of your instructor so as to get a feeling of what their microblading ‘style’ is one that you appreciate.

3. Do they have accolades? Their own studio? Does the person/company you are taking the class with have their own studio? If so, are they popular? Are there photos of their work/their past students work? Make sure to go with a reputable company with history that is cemented by great reviews and great results.

4. Do they support their students after certification? Because microblading is semi-permanent, it can be nerve-wracking to see a client directly after being certified. Plenty of novice microblading artists need more support after being taught, which is why the institution you choose to learn microblading with should offer you support after their class.

5. Does the price seem a little too cheap? You know how the old saying goes – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If a class is offering the “best of the best” for a price that’s lower than the rest – you’re most likely not going to get everything they’re offering.

6. Do they have their own products? If so, do they use them in-class? A company who takes pride in their product and believes it to be the best will use it in studio as well as in class. Their products should be high quality and built to last.

If you want to invest in the best microblading course and give yourself the best future in microblading, the steps listed above will help you make a great choice.