Fine-tune your skills with a refresher course

What students had to say after Microblading and Powder refresher course

Have you participated in either of our Microblading or Powder Effect MasterClasses? If you have, and have been practicing on your own for 6 to 12 months since then, Eye Design University is happy to welcome back for a private refresher course! Want to learn how you can participate in this individualized learning experience? Keep reading.

Eye Design University graduates leave our Microblading and Powder Effect workshops with all the skills (and tools!) they need to start practicing on clients right away! We are proud to offer intensive 3-day courses, which are unlike any other in the semi-permanent beauty industry.

Our workshops are suitable for beginners and advanced technicians alike. We welcome students from every skill level at our MasterClass. At these workshops, students can network with and learn from one another in an exciting group environment.

Beginners will learn everything they need to know about Microblading or Powder Effect, while experienced technicians will grow their skills by learning Nadia Afanaseva’s exclusive techniques. Either way, our students gain major confidence, and their future clients are thrilled to know that they practiced under the guidance of the best in the business. Making an investment in any of Nadia’s professional training courses pays off quickly!

When students graduate from Eye Design University, they are always welcome to come back to us for a refresher course. After practicing for 6 months to a year (our recommend timeframe), students can give us a call to register for 1- or 2-day private refresher. (Or, if you would prefer to take the refresher with a friend from MasterClass, that is completely fine, too! Just let us know, and we are always happy to accommodate you.)

Because our refresher courses are private (or semi-private), students can not only pick their own dates, but can also customize the learning experience based on their needs. Having trouble mastering Eye Design’s 5-point drawing method? Unsure which pigment combinations are best for which clients? Looking for another lesson on proper sanitization or aftercare? We can tailor your refresher session to your needs as an individual.

The private/semi-private refresher is led by our Senior Technician Mona, who is Nadia’s right hand. She has years of experience working at the Eye Design studio under Nadia’s supervision and tons of happy clients! Plus, she always participates in our MasterClass workshops, so she knows how to successfully teach.

Microblading and Powder Effect refresher courses also include live-model practice. You already created beautiful results on two live models at MasterClass, so by the time you make it to your refresher, you will be a pro! Keep in mind that during the 6 to 12 months between MasterClass and your refresher, you will be practicing diligently, both on real clients and on artificial skin.

Eye Design’s founder and Master Tech Nadia, who has been in the beauty industry for more than 10 years, still works on artificial skin. It is a great way to teach yourself new techniques or to finetune old ones during your downtime! She recommends all beginners and new technicians practice on artificial skin for 1 to 2 hours a day. Our online store has a selection of true-to-life artificial skins for semi-permanent makeup artists. Whether you are struggling with the beginning of the brow, the arch, the tail or brow shapes as a whole, you can find the right artificial skin patterns on! Experienced technicians can also shop for completely plain sheets of artificial skin to create their own brows from start to finish.

To inquire about a microblading or Powder Effect refresher course, call Eye Design University at (917) 708-8870 or click here. To shop our selection of artificial skin and other professional tools, visit We hope to see you again soon!