Eye Design’s latest product is a game-changer for all brow artists

You love Eye Design for its top-notch beauty services and world-class professional training programs. With the release of our first-ever makeup products earlier this year, we are ready to become your go-to cosmetics brand, as well! Keep reading to discover Eye Design’s newest release.

Eyebrow artists who offer shaping, tinting, microblading or permanent makeup services to their clients will want to stock-up on our newest brow tool: Brow Concealer!

Alongside top manufacturers in the makeup industry, Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva worked hard to bring her Brow Pencils to life earlier this year. Now, we are excited to introduce Brow Concealer to our fast-growing line of makeup products.

In a universally flattering peach shade, our Brow Concealer is a multipurpose product that highlights directly above and below the eyebrow while instantly amping up brow definition. It is flattering on all skin tones and undertones.

By adding dimension to the eyebrow area, Eye Design’s Brow Concealer creates striking results for perfectly groomed brows every single time. (Tip: Pair Brow Concealer with our Eyebrow Pencil to complete the look.)

Our formula has a thick, creamy formula and a soft sheen for natural-looking results. It applies smoothly and is easily blendable on the skin. Whether you prefer barely-there makeup or intense glam, Eye Design’s Brow Concealer is the ultimate finishing touch. Nadia’s goal was to create foolproof formulas for both products, and we think she did an amazing job!

For expert application, follow Nadia’s tips:

  1. Fill in your brows using Eye Design’s Brow Pencil (Unsure how to use it? Don’t know which color to choose? Click here to learn Nadia’s go-to technique + find the best shade for your skin tone/undertones.)
  2. Apply any foundation, concealer or powder you will be wearing. (Tip: Set your makeup with a facial mist for a flawless finish.)
  3. Once your other makeup has dried, begin applying Brow Concealer directly under your brow. Start from the arch and work your way towards the tail using short, overlapping strokes.
  4. Blend the product gently by tapping it with your ring finger.
  5. Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 along the top of the brow.
  6. If you desire a more intense look, repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5.

Typical highlighters are designed to make the cheekbones and larger areas of the face pop, so they are usually loaded with shimmers, glitters and sparkles. Eye Design’s Brow Concealer is different! Wondering what makes our product so unique?

To start, we gave it pencil-style packaging for a precise application every single time. And although the formula has a soft sheen, as we mentioned earlier, it will never look like heavy makeup. Instead, it leaves behind a soft, natural-looking diffused glow. Your skin will look lit from within and your brows will appear effortlessly defined!

Unlike the highlighters you may be familiar with using, which require a brush to apply, our Brow Pencil does not require any additional tools. The application takes only five minutes (or less)! 

Clients looking to score Eye Design’s Brow Concealer as soon as possible can do so through our webshop. (We are proud to offer fast and affordable worldwide shipping!) But, we do know that many shoppers prefer to test the product before purchasing. That is why we made both Brow Concealer and our waxed-based Brow Pencil available at our Fifth Avenue studio! Try it for yourself at your next lash refill or PMU touch-up.