Everything you need to know about microblading before you join our class

Everything you need to know about microblading course before you join our class

Microblading is *not* a one-size-fits-all procedure–especially not at Eye Design New York. Get to know this life-changing brow treatment ahead of your training workshop with us at Eye Design University, and you will surely graduate at the top of your class!

Do you plan on coming to our Microblading MasterClass or a private training session this summer? Whether you choose our group workshop or a solo class, we welcome all skill levels from beginner to advanced. If you are an experienced technician, come learn Eye Design’s exclusive techniques while you network with other passionate beauty professionals; if you are completely new to the industry, don’t worry–we will teach you everything you need to know from start to finish!

Before you start an Eye Design University microblading class, we will provide you with the necessary materials you need to excel no matter your skill level. This includes a quick online course on bloodborne pathogens. Necessary for the safety of anyone who may encounter blood or other body fluids in the workplace, bloodborne pathogen certification is an extremely important prequel to any Eye Design microblading, Powder Effect or semi-permanent beauty course.

Aside from safety, your goal is to create beautiful results for all of your clients and models. Our classes will help you do just that! In order to get the most out of whichever course (or courses) you choose, the Eye Design team put together a list of must-know information for artists and aspiring artists to keep in mind while learning with us.

Microblading is an individualized beauty procedure.

It is not one-size-fits-all! Each of your clients will be different; they will have different facial features and different personal preferences. You should be prepared to learn how to address every unique client!

Developed by our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, Eye Design uses an exclusive five-point drawing method, which allows artists to give each client brows that work in perfect harmony with the rest of his or her facial features. This method can always be tweaked to suit a client’s requests.

You will learn Eye Design’s exclusive five-point drawing method at our class, which allows you to find the best size and shape brows for every unique client. You should go into the process knowing that the goal of this drawing method is to create a customized brow each time!

Proper aftercare is crucial!

Of course, the final results depend on the technician’s skills, but aftercare also plays a huge role in determining a client’s outcome.

We will give you all the healing and aftercare precautions you need to know during class, but you should be fully aware to take it in (and write it down!) so that you can reiterate the must-know info to your clients.

Be sure to emphasize to your clients that following the instructions word for word is an extremely important part of the process.

Results vary based on skin type.

Microblading may not be right for everyone. Certain clients may require more frequent touch-ups than others. Everyone’s skin heals differently.

Eye Design’s technicians do wonderful work for all our clients, but we cannot control any particular client’s skin type or regeneration process–we can only advise an individual on what is best for him or her.

Clients with oily skin may prefer a touch-up every 6 to 9 months, while clients with dry skin can go 12 to 18 months without one. Similarly, clients who are after a bold, fresh-from-the-salon look should get touch-ups more frequently than those who like the natural, faded look.

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