Discover all the lash techniques you will learn at our training workshops

Discover all the lash techniques you will learn at our training workshops

Considering a career in beauty? Already an established lash artist looking to refresh your skills or learn new techniques? Enroll in one of Eye Design University’s private training courses for Eyelash Extensions! Our studio’s founder is also the author of several award-winning application methods for eyelash extensions, so Eye Design is truly the best way to learn the artistry behind this popular procedure.

Beauty professionals who want to expand the menu of services they offer their clients, as well as those looking to start a new career in the beauty industry, can benefit greatly from Eye Design’s private training courses for lash extensions.

Our Fifth Avenue studio is known for high-quality eyelash extensions that last for weeks on end. We use 100 percent hypoallergenic and cruelty-free products in everything that we do. In addition to top-of-the-line work, we proudly offer four different options for volume. Clients can choose from Natural, a subtle-yet-effective, your-lashes-but-better style; Glamour, which is ideal for everyday mascara-wearers; Dramatic, for a high-impact false lash look; and Kim’s Effect, which gives dense volume close to the lash line and fluttery volume towards the tips.

Customization doesn’t stop once the client chooses the right volume level. Our talented team has years of experience creating and innovating different lash styles! From classics like Doll and Cat to more advanced styles like Fox and Squirrel.

Want to learn how to create these beautiful styles for your own clients? Eye Design University holds two courses for lash techs (and aspiring lash techs)!

If you are completely new to the beauty industry, or new to eyelash extensions specifically, you should first enroll in our Private Basic Lash Class. If you have 6 months to a year of working hard with eyelash extensions, you can join our Private Volume Lash Class right away! (While Eye Design graduates who have taken our Private Basic Lash Class are welcome to enroll in our Private Volume course 6 months later, we recommend others have a year or more of practice with eyelash extensions before enrolling in Volume training.)

Eye Design’s Private Basic Lash Class will teach you all the necessary information beauty professionals need before they get to work. This includes face and eye shape, symmetry, lash lengths, curls and thicknesses, adhesives and more! Don’t worry if all the new knowledge sounds intimidating–our Top Technician Anastasia will guide you through everything slowly. Because this class is in a private setting, you should feel free to stop her and ask questions whenever you have one!

Later on, Anastasia will hold your hands in the correct positions while you practice applying individual lash extensions to a special mannequin head. When it is time to work on your live models, you will know exactly what to do, because you will have already watched Anastasia work both on the mannequin and on the models! She will watch you one-on-one and assess your technique step-by-step.

You will learn how to create basic lash styles that flatter any face shape. Think of classics like Doll, Cat and Round, which your clients will already know and love! We will also teach you our must-know natural style for the most realistic-looking lash extensions.

At our Private Volume Lash Class, you will work again with Top Tech Anastasia and more live models! This time, you will learn advanced Russian Volume techniques.

Did you know Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva is credited with bringing Russia’s infamous volume techniques for lash extensions to the United States? She is the author of award-winning methods for volume lash application. All techs at our studio were trained one-on-one by Nadia, and Nadia monitors their work closely to ensure it maintains the high quality our clients keep coming back to us for!

Both our Basic lash course and our Volume lash course have a student cap of 2. They are held weekly for the students’ convenience! To learn more or to register for your lash course at Eye Design University, please click here or call (917) 708-8870.