Coming soon: Online class for Powder Effect!

If you have ever wanted to learn Eye Design’s innovative Powder Effect technique, you will soon have the chance to do so from your computer! We are launching new online courses soon and cannot wait for you to be part of the excitement.

Whether you can’t make it to New York City or you are too busy to attend class, Eye Design University’s online classes are the perfect option for you! Learn new techniques and grow your skills as an artist with Eye Design online.

Soon, you will be able to attend our most-loved Powder Effect Masterclass from the comfort of your own home (in addition to the courses we already have available online).

With this popular semi-permanent brow solution, you will be able to increase your income by 30 percent. Earn $300 (or more!) per hour when you start or expand your career in permanent makeup!

Eye Design’s cutting-edge Powder Effect technique will allow you to keep-up with industry-wide trends and meet your client’s demands. Thanks to our easy-to-use online class platform, students can lean on their own time, at their own pace–without sacrificing the opportunity to interact with our studio’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva.

Powder Effect is a safe, gentle and effective technique that heals beautifully on all skin tones and skin types! Our online class includes four detailed videos with accompanying lecture materials. You will receive hands-on practice instructions and materials with guidance from Nadia.

Just like Eye Design’s live, in-person classes, you will gain real-world experience through our online class for Powder Effect. All students will put their skills to the test on artificial skin. Be sure to take before and after photos to help grow your portfolio and promote your work.

Throughout the entire course, you will work confidently with one-on-one guidance from Nadia herself. You will begin earning right away with a complimentary toolkit full of premium Eye Design products. Valued at $800, this kit contains enough tools and supplies for your first 20 clients! Additionally, all Eye Design University graduates enjoy a 10-percent lifetime discount on all future classes and product orders.

Students will go from beginner to pro in only 44 hours, and with certification from Eye Design, clients will know you learned from the best!

Our online Powder Effect class includes professional training for students to:

  • Perfect our soft shading technique (no harsh lines!)
  • Start with the basics behind Powder Effect
  • Learn how to work safely with your machine tool
  • Enjoy lectures, videos, drawings, graphics + a workbook, all developed by Nadia.
  • Watch 3 live demos by Nadia up-close!
  • Observed a detailed breakdown of the process from beginning to end
  • Try 3 different pigment-application patterns, exclusive to Eye Design, to suit EVERY CLIENT!
  • Practice drawing 5 eyebrow shapes on our incredibly realistic faux skin
  • Create symmetrical brows every time with our 5-point drawing method
  • Learn to correct asymmetry
  • Discover the different ways brow bones + facial muscles may affect your work
  • Use our professional checklist to determine which clients are ideal candidates for Powder Effect
  • Choose the right pigment for every client with 6 levels of the Fitzpatrick Scale!
  • Explore multiple ways to remove or restore old or incorrect work
  • Discover techniques for color-correcting blue, green + red results
  • Study the key differences between Powder Effect, microblading + tattooing
  • Ideal for beginners who want to understand machine techniques before coming to a Masterclass, as well as advanced artists who want to refine their skills with guided practice!
  • Perfect your skills with a cutting-edge machine tool + other high-quality supplies.
  • Get the feel for the machine in your hand.
  • Wow your clients with details that make a difference + a passion for your craft!

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