Change your career & your life when you learn eyelash extensions

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A career in beauty has endless benefits. If you are looking to change your life or simply learn a new technique, invest in two days of intensive training for eyelash extensions. Our Top Technician will teach you the skills you need to start practicing right away!

Too many women–and men–find themselves stuck in a career rut at some point in their lives. It’s normal, but that does not mean we should stay at a job that isn’t fulfilling or making us happy. The good news is, others who have been in this position before have found that taking a professional training course has changed their lives.

Eyelash extensions are an easy first step into the beauty industry! Although obtaining a tattoo/permanent makeup license is a relatively quick and easy process (it only takes one day for those who live in any of New York City’s five boroughs), anyone who is unsure about making the jump may not want to take this step just yet. A training course for eyelash extensions with live-model practice does not require a tattoo or permanent makeup license! Beauty professionals and aspiring beauty professionals alike can sign-up at any time.

At Eye Design University, lash courses are two days long. You will spend two full days in our studio working one-on-one with our Top Technician Anastasia. She is a highly skilled and experienced eyelash artist who works quickly and precisely. Her skills are unmatched in the industry, so we highly encourage anyone who is interested to take the opportunity to train with her! We would love for you to join us.

Unless you have a year or more of experience with eyelash extensions, we suggest you start with our Basic Lash Class. Eyelash extensions are truly a form of art, so Anastasia will teach you everything you need to know before you get started. You will learn theory, as well as how to work with different face structures and eye shapes. Plus, you will take home a booklet with all the essential information so you can refresh your knowledge whenever you need to.

Clients may come to you with requests for cat eye or round/doll shapes, but these looks may not flatter their features. You want to make every client look and feel beautiful, so you need to learn which lash styles work (and don’t work) with certain face and eye shapes. This information will help you guide your clients in making the right decision every single time. Factors such as bone structure and eyelid space play a role in this process. Anastasia will teach you how to use different lash lengths and curls that work perfectly with features like prominent brow bones, small eyelids and more. Be sure to take notes!

To be able to give all clients amazing results, you will want to know all about the different lash lengths, thicknesses and curls. Because there are so many options, this information may seem like a lot at first. Don’t worry! That is why you are taking our course. By the end of the second day, you will have a real understanding of all the important details.

All of our training workshops involve real-world practice on live models. You will have the chance to apply a full set on two live models of your own. Anastasia will be by your side to help you every step of the way! Once you are ready, she will let you practice on your own. (And you will leave with a toolkit that has enough supplies for your first clients, so you can start practicing right away.)

We recommend that after you take our Basic Lash Class, you work hard over the next six months (or longer!) before you come back with our Volume Lash Class. Here you will learn more advanced techniques and safe application for high-volume lash styles, including how to make your own lash fans.

Our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva is recognized as the first person to bring Russian volume techniques to the United States. All of our lash application methods were developed by Nadia herself, and you will learn them at any of our courses, online or in-person! Eye Design also specializes in lower lash extensions, so we are happy to hold training workshops for that technique upon request, as well.