Becoming a Successful Master

Master lash Technician Nadia

We love every one our technicians at Eye Design and appreciate all their beautiful work! But our Master Technician Nadia has a lot to teach us about being successful in the industry.

I chatted with Nadia about her work as a Master so I could get an insider’s perspective. Luckily, I was able to round up all her best tips and tricks for setting yourself apart from the rest.

Atmosphere: From the beginning of the procedure to the end, the workplace must be perfectly clean.

While our studio’s lobby is finely decorated, it is important that the procedural rooms have little-to-no decorations.

First impressions matter! You do not have a second chance to make a first impression with clients.

Presentation: The client definitely pays attention the the appearance and mood of the technician to make sure everything is hygienic and professional. This means that your hair is tidied, your hands are manicured, your skin looks natural and makeup is light–no unwashed hair, heavy perfumes or bright makeup.

We always meet the client with a smile, no matter what. Even if you’re not in the best mood, a secret is to drink tea with chocolate for an instant boost.

Ban the following: No alcohol or smoking of any kind (including vapor and electronic cigarettes) is allowed in the studio. You should also put away any distractions that might affect concentration (such as your smartphone or tablet) so that you can focus properly on your client.

Conversation: You can–and should!–be friendly with every client you meet, but it is important not to get *too* friendly. There is definitely a happy medium.

Never discuss your personal life with clients (from Nadia’s experience, it isn’t worth it). Similarly, you shouldn’t discuss politics or religion. The death or illness of a loved one is also a big no-no.

Instead, chat about weather, film, music, art or literature, celeb news, travel and vacation plans (often, clients come into the studio right before a trip–just remember not to discuss finances), recipes (“have you seen the new Tasty video on Facebook, etc.?!” or “I had the best sandwich for lunch at the cafe down the street–you should check it out!”) or industry-related topics such as cosmetics or perfume (I am so excited for Byredo’s new perfume to launch!”)

When in doubt, you could pay the client a compliment, such as “all girls want to have your brows!”

Listen to the client: While doing your best to make conversation with the client, you should also listen carefully to what he or she has to say. Above all, this person came to *you*.

The best technicians always listen to the client’s wishes–it is very important not to interrupt at any point. The results of the procedure depend on this. If the client is quiet or even silent, it is still important to keep these rules in mind.

We also maintain that the client is always right. It is helpful to imagine yourself in his or her place.

Love your work: Do 100-percent of your work with love–not for money, but for art, beauty and admiration.