Become a professional microblading or PMU artist at Eye Design University

The Eye Design University team is busy preparing for our first-ever Permanent Makeup Masterclass! Written and led by Nadia Afanaseva herself, students will learn the three versatile PMU procedures they need to jumpstart their careers in the beauty industry.

Eye Design University is home to the best professional training workshops in the microblading and permanent makeup industry.

Our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva writes and develops all of our classes and is the lead instructor at most of them. Students love learning Nadia’s techniques directly from her and Nadia always enjoys working with other passionate beauty professionals and aspiring beauty professionals.

Due to high demand from her former students (and from the industry as a whole), Nadia recently launched her brand-new Permanent Makeup Masterclass! The entire Eye Design University team is so excited to host this long-awaited workshop on January 13, 14, 15 and 16. We will also be hosting our most-loved Microblading Masterclass the following month on February 24, 25 and 26!

Permanent Makeup Masterclass will include Nadia’s personal favorite brow solution: Powder Effect! With the help of a small machine tool, artists use pin-dot pigment application to add volume and definition to the brows. Powder Effect is completely customizable from client to client; results can be as subtle or as bold as the client prefers.

Just like our classic microblading technique for brows, Eye Design’s Powder Effect technique requires artists to use our exclusive five-point drawing method to achieve symmetrical brows for every client. The five-point drawing method ensures that each client receives a new look that works in perfect harmony with the rest of his or her facial features.

During our Permanent Makeup Masterclass, students will also learn how to use the machine tool to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results for the eyes and lips. Nadia developed several stunning techniques for each procedure, including our lash effect/lashline enhancement, soft-shaded eyeliner and classic eyeliner techniques for eyes, as well as our soft outline and defined outline techniques for lips.

Lash effect (also known as lashline enhancement) is a subtle technique used to create definition along the lash line and create the appearance of fuller eyelashes. Clients who opt for lash effect can easily add a wing to the tail of the permanent makeup at home for special occasions. It is a great option for those who love eyelash extensions but would like to wait longer between refills.

Soft-shaded eyeliner is the best technique for clients who wear a pencil or powder liner regularly. It gives the eyes a smoky effect with the option to add a wing of any size for a beautiful, cat-like appearance that lasts one year or longer.

Classic eyeliner is the ultimate makeup look for clients who cannot get enough liquid or gel liner! Keep it placed on the eyelid or add a wing for the fiercest results. The results from this permanent makeup technique are jaw-dropping whether your client prefers a tiny wing or an extra-elongated one!

Additionally, artists can use brown pigment (or mix brown and black pigment) for clients with fair skin and/or light hair. This is an especially flattering option for clients with freckles and it works for any of Nadia’s three eye makeup techniques! 

Are you looking to learn more about the benefits of our permanent lip makeup procedure? Stay tuned for next week’s post, where we will discuss all the important details!

To reserve your seat in our upcoming Permanent Makeup Masterclass, call Eye Design University at (917) 300-0317.