Balancing work & life as a beauty professional

Balancing work & life as a beauty professional

Nadia Afanaseva, our founder and Master Technician, shares her solutions for balancing work and life as a businesswoman and a beauty professional. Keep scrolling for advice from the best in the beauty industry!

Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva has always had a passion for making other women feel confident and beautiful, so a career in the semi-permanent makeup industry is extremely fulfilling for her. Not only does Nadia work behind the scenes as the head of our company, but she also works with clients firsthand to give them life-changing results.

While studying economics at a university, Nadia began her journey in the beauty industry at 18 years old. Soon after, a new technique gained popularity in Russia–eyelash extensions! Nadia enrolled in a masterclass right away and fell in love with this technique as soon as she started.

After winning a national lash competition in Russia, she was invited to the United States to judge competitions in New York City and Las Vegas. She was quickly recognized as the first person to bring Russian volume techniques for eyelash extensions to the U.S. and shortly after, she made the decision to start practicing beauty here.

Other lash artists in NYC came to Nadia with interest in learning her techniques, which inspired her to start Eye Design University’s training programs. Although Nadia wants to make women everywhere feel beautiful, she cannot do it all on her own. She discovered that through teaching her methods to other beauty professionals, she can reach more women! One of her major goals is to bring Eye Design’s techniques and products worldwide.

Starting (and maintaining!) a successful company can be stressful. Nadia, Eye Design’s founder, focuses on finding a healthy balance in order to stay happy and do well in all aspects of life!

A note from Nadia:

Being a business owner is extremely difficult but very rewarding. Finding a happy work-life balance is one of the most challenging aspects of running your own company, but over the years I have learned a lot and discovered what works best for me. I want to pass what I’ve learned onto other technicians (or aspiring technicians) in the beauty industry.

We cannot choose what happens to us, but how we react is always up to us, including how we perceive what is happening and how we treat others (as well as ourselves). It is important to be good to others *and* to ourselves. Recognize when you work hard in addition to when you are being too hard on yourself (or others). In work and in life, we cannot achieve balance when we only expect good things to happen to us.

Balance is in the way we choose to respond to everything that has happened, even in negative situations. It is up to us to decide how we respond; whether we smile or cry, whether we feel anger or resentment. Forgive, let go and be thankful.

Then, it is not circumstances or other people that control us. It is YOU who is the master of your own destiny. We have the power every day to live happily, with joy, love and fulfillment. And we ourselves can determine our thoughts and our actions, and whether we feel balance or chaos in life.

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