An inside look at our Microblading Masterclass

Microblading Masterclass with practice

Ever wondered what makes our Microblading Masterclass so successful? Take a look behind our studio’s doors to learn how unique this workshop is.

So many things make Eye Design a unique place to visit whether you are a client, a consumer or a student technician. Our top-of-the line procedures, our mineral-based pigments and our intensive training programs are among them.

Specifically, our Microblading Masterclass workshops offer a truly one-of-a-kind experience for those interested in learning the tricks of the trade for the first time, or those who have already honed the skills and are looking for a fun and informative way to refresh and network.

You may know Nadia as our company’s founder, but what you may not know is that she is also Eye Design’s lead technicians. This means, despite running the business behind the scenes, she still works firsthand with clients. You’ll often find her at our Fifth Avenue studio.

Because Nadia herself teaches the Microblading Masterclass, student learns from both an experienced technician and a practicing technician in one fell swoop.

Surprisingly (or maybe not-so-surprisingly depending on how invested in the industry you are), few microblading studios fail to incorporate this dynamic form of leadership into their training programs. All too often, the program’s instructor is 10 or 20 (or more!) years removed from the technician perspective.

That is simply unacceptable. And it is definitely not the case at Eye Design.

Our team believes that when you teach classes, it is so important to still be working on clients. Otherwise, the technician gets detached from the process, and may not be able to teach as effectively. But when the leader is still a working technician herself, she is able to relate to the students tech-to-tech.

Nadia and the team work tirelessly to ensure Masterclass–and the rest of our training programs–maintains that unique technician-to-technician feel. Because of this, you learn more efficiently and you understand the process in a way not possible if you were taught by another team.

Still don’t believe me? Take a look at the photos from a recent Masterclass. At Eye Design we cannot get enough of this hands-on and exciting atmosphere.