Already took our Microblading MasterClass? Try an online class for advanced technicians!

You’ve already taken our MasterClass, so you are a pro at basic microblading! Now, learn the skills you need to treat complex clients, grow your clientele and earn more. Enroll today and start working from anywhere in the world, all at your own pace!

For experienced microblading artists, Eye Design University currently offers two online classes: Microblading For Overplucked Brows and Microblading For Dark Skin.

Both of these cases require a skilled technician who has already undergone basic microblading training and has knowledge of the theory behind microblading. That is why you must first enroll in our MasterClass workshop!

Once you have completed Eye Design’s Microblading MasterClass, you can enhance your skills with one of our online classes. (Alternatively, if you do not want to participate in MasterClass, a group workshop for beauty professionals, you can enroll in Eye Design Univesity’s Private Basic Microblading course. We also offer refresher sessions for graduates who feel they need additional practice later on.)

MasterClass, our intensive three-day training workshop, prepares you for a career in microblading and semi-permanent beauty. It is also perfect for technicians who are already practicing this skill and simply want to learn Nadia’s exclusive methods. You leave with everything you need (including enough products for your first 20 models or clients) to start practicing right away!

Eye Design owner and founder Nadia Afanaseva developed all of our studio’s signature beauty techniques. Our Fifth Avenue studio remains the only place in the world students and clients alike can find her techniques.

Once you begin practicing on your own time (both on live models and on artificial skin, which Nadia recommends every single day for new technicians!), you will soon be ready for more comples clients, such as those with overplucked/overwaxed eyebrows or those with dark skin. These types of clients require special attention and an experienced artist! That is why our team worked hard to develop our online classes.

Nadia wrote all of our courses firsthand and created all of the supplementary materials, including the lectures, videos, graphics and beyond. Our online classes have practice assignments, which are monitored by Nadia and Eye Design’s team of technicians. They come with detailed instructions and are returned to students with helpful tips, straight from real working brow artists!

When you enroll in an Eye Design Univeristy online course, you receive the same attention-to-detail you would in-person. Additionally, all of our online classes are fully available in three languages: English, Spanish and Russian. Our goal at Eye Design is to bring our life-changing techniques to artists and clients worldwide!

We will be expanding our range of online classes soon, in order to cater to beginner students, as well as to those who want to learn other techniques, such as eyelash extensions. For now, we are proud to offer two premium advanced courses for experienced technicians. Since the launch of our Eye Design University more than four years ago, and the launch of our online classes earlier this year, we have trained more than 5,000 students.

When you learn microblading, you enter an up-and-coming industry where the demand is high! Fulltime technicians have the opportunity to earn more than $400,000 a year. (10 clients a week at $800 per appointment equals $416,000 a year, not including gratuities!) When you are trained to serve different types of people, you will grow your clientele base and earn more!

If you have already taken our Microblading MasterClass, you can enroll anytime in our online courses! Because they are online, you have the freedom to work at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Click here to enroll today or call Eye Design University at (917) 708-8870 to learn more about all the training programs we offer!