volume lash extensions program

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Volume lash extensions program

Level – 1  

(Day One or First day of the two day class.)

1. Introduction to Volume Eyelash Extensions.

2. Overview of the products for volume eyelash extensions:

  • Eyelashes 0/07 0/085 0/10, 

  • Special tweezers, 

  • Adhesives, 

  • Removers,

  • Primer,

  • Other tools for volume eyelash extensions.

3. Precautions with Products.

4. Length and curl of eyelash extensions.

5. Two different types of adhesive – proper ways of application.

6. Gel and cream remover – Techniques for safely removing lashes.

7. The Pros and Cons of using eyelash extension primer.

8. Theories of Volume Lashing:

  • Why volume is safer than classic lashing,

  • How to identify state of natural lashes,

  • Weight of the lashes,

  • Proper fans and amount of lashes for each fan,

  • Rules of application (distance, attachment, and placement,

  • Techniques of working with basic curls C, CC and D,

  • Application by Zones (Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3),

9. 4 different techniques of volume eyelash extensions.

(4 different techniques of the volume, personal selection of the most convenient technique for every individual during practice).


(Second day for two day class.)

10. Advanced styling:

  • Eyebrows and eyelids for styling,

  • 6 effects (from most natural up to dramatic),

  • 6 eye shapes and how to pick individual effect for each,

  • How to create a perfect row going from the longest lashes to the shortest,

  • Proper application on tough lashes.

11. Procedure of Sanitation and Sterilization.

12. Volume eyelash extensions for lower lashes.

13. Tips and discussions.

Practice on the models:

  • Upper lashes with 4 different techniques,

  • Lower lashes with 4 different techniques,

HD Photos, videos, charts and presentations are used in class for Volume Lash Class

The class includes:

  • Eyelash extensions booklet with all the information.

  • Materials for the classroom course.

  • Models

  • Email support after the class.

Designed for masters who have already taken basic classic eyelash extension course and have experience of at least one year.

If you already trained volume eyelash extensions, you can take next level ‘Excellent volume lash program

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