Volume eyelash training

Our school invites masters for a refresher course in volume eyelashes. In class, you will learn the techniques of volume eyelash extensions and lower lashes extensions.

This course will focus on the volume of capacity, individual styling and proper selection of materials. Also, you will learn how to make volume increase without causing gravity and sagging eyelashes for the client.

Volume eyelash extensions, work's by Nadia Afanaseva

russian volume lash class      

This course will consider the lower eyelash extension technology in two ways with the open eye and closed eye. You will get answers to the most pressing questions.

Our students receive a proper level of theoretical training that is supported by an abundance of practical sessions, which take place in the form of workshops and training sessions. Practical classes are held only on live models, and this allows a very short time to form skills. The entire course of study is taught by a master with great practical experience.

The main program of the course includes:

1. Answers to the most urgent issues regarding volume eyelash extensions

2. Basics of materials

3. Tricks for individual simulations of eye shape

4. Common and non-standard eyelash schemes eyelash

5. Innovative eyelashes (2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D and 8D)

6. Technology capacity of the lower lashes

7. Questions regarding decorating eyelashes

8. Correct techniques and removal of bulk capacity

9. Effective communication with the client and topics of psychology

10. How to find and keep customers and topics in advertising

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