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Eye Design’s Advanced Private Microblading Class is a two-day, intensive refresher course for students who have prior microblading experience. Eye Design’s Advanced course focuses on in-depth color theory, specific microblading techniques, and new hair-stroke patterns. On day two, we will provide 2 live models so that techniques from day one can be performed.
While our Microblading Masterclasses are amazing training options, our Microblading Private Classes offer a unique one-on-one experience you won’t be able to find in any other microblading studio. Unlike the Masterclass, Eye Design’s Private class has a two-student cap.


Learn at your own pace

Grow your client base

Witness a live demo

Increase your income

Exclusive tips and tricks you can’t get anywhere else

Network with other beauticians

Be your own boss

Hands-on experience

Get certified immediately

Estimated Earnings:

(all numbers are approximate and may vary depending on clientele, location, marketing and tips are not included)

Cost of the class
Average cost of a procedure
Weekly income: based on 10 clients per week
Annual Income: (Tips are not Included)

Eye Design is a Leader in the Beauty Industry

Eye Design has been dominating the permanent makeup industry one micro-bladed-brow at a time. For the past four years, we’ve served more than 25,000 clients and trained more than 5,000 students. From eyelash extensions, to lash lifts, to microblading, Eye Design offers a variety of services when it comes to beauty.

The Eye Design University program, designed by Master Nadia Afanaseva, is next level learning!

With teachers who are practicing Eye Design artists, the environment is perfect for “real life” learning.

Learn and practice with one on one guidance with live models.

The slightest detail makes all the difference!

Our class will give you the CONFIDENCE to be on your own!

The Advanced Course – Learning Objectives

Different drawing techniques (with divider and ruler)

Multiple hair-stroke patterns

Powder techniques based on skin type

In-depth color theory

Brow styling tips based on individual clients

Proper depth training in microblading and micro-shading …and more!

Class developer - Nadia Afanaseva

Founder of Eye Design Studio on Fifth Avenue Manhattan

Developer and CEO of Eye Design permanent makeup products

Guest of Honor and judge of the first professional lash competition in North America

1st place winner of 2012 and 2013 Lash Competition held in Moscow

Client list includes famous actors, singers, politicians, and business professionals

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