artificial skin

Are you ready to learn microblading?

Eye Design University is thrilled to host not one, but three different options for microblading training. We understand that certain students may prefer a relaxed group environment, while others would rather immerse themselves in private learning. Our goal is to accommodate all students and meet the needs of each individual!

Artificial skin is the newest (& safest!) way to practice microblading

The first few times you try microblading on a live model may be daunting; after all, the most defining feature on someone’s face is at stake.

Eye Design aims to make the process more relaxing so that you’re always putting forward you best work. That’s why we developed Artificial Skin for Microblading Practice. And we developed it with you, the technician, in mind.

Improved for 2019: Microblading MasterClass

Big things are coming to Eye Design in 2019! First, we made several improvements to our highly successful Microblading MasterClass. With an updated learning format, this training workshop will provide you with everything you need to succeed in the ever-changing permanent makeup industry.

What students had to say after Microblading Masterclass

MasterClass is always a fun and exciting learning experience, for both the students and the instructors. Luckily, our last class was super talkative and had a lot of valuable information to share! Want to hear their thoughts? Our team took good notes so that everyone could listen in on this 3-day workshop.

Why microblading can look like a tattoo (and how to prevent this mistake)

Trends come and go, but one thing that will always be in style is beautiful, natural-looking brows! Microblading masters should know all the tricks for creating lifelike eyebrows that suit each client’s facial features, skin tone and personal preferences. Eye Design recommends every technician takes the following key steps in order to avoid creating the dreaded “tattoo brows.”