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Semi permanent mascara - Training and Certification

Beautiful, long eyelashes are the cherished dream of every woman. Today, manufacturers offer a wide selection of quality mascaras for eyelashes that increase their volume and length. But the good products are expensive, and the daily costs become high very quickly. Meanwhile, today, there is a great alternative to daily application of mascara to the lashes. It is a semi permanent mascara technology, and it is safe for the natural lashes.

       Semi permanent mascara  Semi permanent mascara training

Semi permanent mascara

Semi permanent eyelash extensions is a new technology recently introduced in Russia and is already popular in Europe. The service applies innovative cosmetics to the eyelashes that stay for three weeks, do not wash off and do not crumble. Applying semi permanent mascara on the lashes should be done by specialists with all the details of the technology. Typically, applying semi-permanent mascara is one of the extras that an eyelash extension master performs.


Semi permanent mascara        Semi permanent mascara

Semi permanent training and Certifacation

After applying semi-permanent mascara, lashes become thicker by 30-50%, and their length is increased by 10-15%. After this procedure, the effect is like applying lashes with regular mascara. The difference lies only in the length of time the ink is on the eyelashes.

The application procedure of semi-permanent mascara is becoming more popular, especially among clients who do not need to resort to the procedure of building, as their natural lashes are quite long and thick. Semi permanent eyelash training - schedule But for the owners of the rare, short eyelashes, such a procedure is unlikely to fit. They had better take advantage of the usual capacity.

           Semi permanent mascara        Semi permanent mascara

 Semi permanent  certification

We conduct semi permanent mascara certification training in semi-permanent application at our best school by Nadia Afanaseva. This is a very promising area for business, characterized by a rapid return on the cost of the training process as well as the materials needed for the job. The cost of this service in the market today is quite high, especially given the low cost of the materials used as well as the small amount of time required to perform the procedure (30-50 minutes is spent on the upper eyelashes and just 5-15 minutes on the bottom lashes). In our school you can also learn Russian volume lash technique and Basic technique - lash extensions training

At our best school, semi-permanent mascara training is conducted on an individual basis or in small groups of 2 students. Our semi-permanent lash training capacity is as follows: the student explains the necessary theoretical basis then offers up practical training under the supervision of an experienced teacher. This approach allows our students to learn and practice the method of semi-permanent building, acquiring the necessary skills for future work. Contact us


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