Start earning $25O+ an hour
with the hottest and most lucrataive procedure in the
beauty industry: Permanent Makeup!

The avarage cost of any permament makeup procedure is $600 (2 hours)
*Does not include gratuities!

Grow your income with Eye Design’s easy-to-learn machine techniques!


JANUARY 13-16th, 2020

Eye Design's Semi-permanent Makeup MasterClass includes:

Semi-permanent lip makeup:
soft outline + defined outline

Semi-permanent eyeliner:
Lashline enhancement, soft
ombre eyeliner+ classic ayeliner

Powder Effect:
Micro-shading for brows


  • An introduction to the permanent makeup industry
  • In-depth information on tools + supplies, workplace organization + safety
  • How-to: Analyze the skin + choose the right clients
  • Lessons on common mistakes, allergic reactions, complications + side effects
  • Expert knowledge on client consultations, monthly + annual touch-ups, medical history + analysis, legal agreements
  • Important aftercare information for lips, eyes + brows
  • Essential practice on artificial skin for both linear + Powder/gradient techniques


  • Color theory
  • Types of colors
  • Pigment theory (including color changes/corrections)
  • Skin tones + undertones
  • Eye Design Pigments: Pick the best shade for each client!
  • The Powder Effect procedure step-by-step
  • Working with the skin around the brows + skin specifics


  • Facial structure, face shapes + characteristics, the effects of facials muscles
  • How-to: Pick the perfect eyeliner look for each client
  • Symmetry + asymmetry
  • The Golden Ratio
  • Pigments for semi-permanent eyeliner
  • Eyeliner procedures step-by-step
  • Working with the skin around the eyes + skin specifics


  • Corrections, tattoo + permanent/semi-permanent makeup removal
  • Pigments for semi-permanent lip makeup
  • Face shapes/structures, facial features + muscles for semi-permanent lip makeup
  • Semi-permanent lip makeup procedures step-by-step
  • Working with the skin around the lips + skin specifics
  • Marketing tools + pricing

Watch this video to see what it’s like
at one of our MasterClasses

A hands-on, real-world approach to learning

  • All Eye Design University courses are written + led by Nadia Afanaseva
  • In intimate group settings, you will have plenty of professional networking opportunities
  • Learn Nadia’s exclusive techniques and her exclusive tips + tricks
  • Eye Design’s team thoroughly explains every step and focuses on key details like symmetry + the Golden Mean
  • 5,000+ students have graduated from Eye Design University + we have served more than 25,000 clients at our studio!
  • This in-demand, modern alternative to makeup is growing rapidly! Set yourself apart from other PMUAs with certification from Eye Design!
  • Customize your learning experience: Take Days 1 + 2 separately from Days 3 + 4!

What to expect at Eye Design University?

Reliable techniques + a lot of practice

Great for beginners + experienced artists alike. Start with the basics, then learn Nadia’s exclusive techniques!

Over the course of 4 days, you will discover knowledge + engage in a true-to-life experience under the guidance of New York City’s best beauty professionals.

All graduates receive a lifetime 10% discount on all Eye Design products + future classes.

Over the past 4 years we have trained
and certified more than 5,000 professionals.

Photos of our MasterClass

MasterClass by Nadia Afanaseva

Nadia Afanaseva - Eye Design University

Nadia Afanaseva

Founder & CEO Eye Design New York

Nadia Afanaseva began her journey in the beauty industry at the age of 18. Shortly after, she became a leading esthetician in Russia and now resides in the USA. Nadia calls New York City her home now, and her Eye Design Studio in Manhattan helped establish her praiseworthy reputation. Her services attract not only New Yorkers, but a great number of celebrities, singers, and movie stars from around the world.

Nadia is the author of multiple professional training programs:

    • 6 methods of volume application.
    • Microblading manual technique.
    • 12 eyelash extensions effects.
    • Shadow permanent makeup method

A perfectionist by nature and a lifetime learner, Nadia is persistent and hardworking. She always cares about wellbeing of her clients and students and uses only the best products in her practice.


Yes Man VICE

Carla Pennington

LL Cool J’s family

James Charles

Aino Jawo

Magic Johnson’s family

Sandra Oh

Sasha Meneghel Szafir

Yulia Zagoruychenko

Sonja Morgan

Simone I. Smith

Zhanar Dugolova


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“The New Beauty Treatment for Bold, Thick Eyebrows”

“Everything You Need to Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows”

“Eyebrow Microblading Will Simplify Your Beauty Routine”

“Microblading: The Eyebrow Trend Talking Over The Internet”

“Microblading is the Next Level Brow Treatment for Oily and Sensitive Skin”

“Microblading is The Perfect Brow Option For Those With Sensitive Skin”



Basic Semi-Permanent Makeup MasterClass (4 days)


Permanent Makeup Class

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