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NM Beauty Eyelash Extension Supplies – A Premium Product You Can Count On!

buy eyelash extension supplies online shop lash supplies It’s no secret how popular eyelash extensions has become is it?  And they’re popular for a very good reason – done properly they offer a natural or a dramatic look that can do wonders towards making a girl or woman look much more beautiful and elegant.  But have you thought about the QUALITY of the eyelash extensions you’re using?  If not, it’s certainly not something you want to ignore.  Here at NM Beauty it’s a question we have put a great deal of consideration into and our solution is pretty exciting.

The head of NM Beauty, Nadia Afanaseva is an international award winner in eyelash extension technique, and after years of using other people’s products she finally decided on going a better way.  The industry basics were okay, some were even good, but Nadia set her mind on delivering a GREAT product.  After hard work and research NM Beauty Lashes were born, and a truly superior eyelash extension are now available.  Trust us, Nadia would never attach her name to something that didn’t truly exceed anyone’s expectations!

“We’re very excited about offering our own products now and being able to assure they are really of superior quality,”  Nadia said.  “It’s been part of my dream since I began working in this industry and now I’m happy we can deliver it to our valued clients and customers!”

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buy eyelash extension supplies online shop lash supplies   buy eyelash extension supplies online shop lash supplies   




Buy NMBeauty eyelash extension supplies online 

The NM Beauty Line of products, for now, includes premium quality eyelash extensions supplies, tools and the best adhesives the industry has to offer.  This all combines to allow eyelash technicians and beauty professionals to be able to order products from a person they can trust, who knows the industry inside and out.  While others brands have their decisions made by a marketing person or by putting profit first, with the NM Beauty Line, including the NM Beauty Lashes, quality always comes first and it’s a world class professional who understands the industry inside and out deciding what goes into each product.

It’s not a hard choice where a eyelash pro should look for the best products first.  After all, this is a very competitive industry and providing the highest quality eyelash extensions can’t do anything, but help your business!  The combination of high skill and a great eyelash extensions supplies is the absolute recipe for success.  Believe me, we know.

Nadia put all the research and development into these amazing products, so you don’t have to.  The feedback you are sure to get from your happy clients will speak for themselves.

NM Beauty are happy to offer a wide range of different eyelash extension lengths and curl definitions.  So you can always be sure to have on hand exactly what you or your clients need.

When looking at our products don’t forget our curl definition codes: 

  • C- Light Curl
  • CC – Dramatic Curl
  • D
  • L

There’s no reason to sell yourself, your studio and your clients short any longer.  Check out our NM Beauty Lashes today and join the family!