About us

Hello! My name is Nadia Afanaseva and I’m the Founder and President NM Beauty Corporation. I’m one of the leading beauticians, stylists and beauty trainers in New York City. I’m fully licensed as a cosmetologist in New York State, but my roots as a beautician come from where I was born and raised, my native Russia. It’s in Russia, where I picked up my love for beauty and where I received my early training. It’s also where I spent my early years as a beauty professional where worked as a much in demand stylist. I also took part in a number of international competitions, and I’m very proud to say I have always done very well in these highly competitive events. I’m proud of my two gold cups for volume eyelash extensions that I won in all Russia Federal competitions held in Moscow. These are as prestigious as could be for Russian beauty events. I also have a silver and bronze medals from Russia’s first eyelash contest, won in volume eyelash extension and decorating. I love to push myself to always do my best and these competitions were a great experience for a persion passionate about beauty.

So you can see when I work on eyelashes myself, or train others in eyelash extensions this is an area where I excel and I have competed in and won awards against some of the top beauticians and stylists in the world!

It’s been over 5 years now that I’ve been working with eyelash extensions, an area I’ve focused on throughout my entire education and career. When I started this was a new field, and in many ways it still is. I’m glad to have mastered it right from the beginning, and to have been able to contribute my own thoughts, ideas and methods in this important area. Now there’s people to learn from, like myself, but my generation learning had to invent our own ways and to see what worked and what didn’t. I really feel this unique experience has helped me become the skilled professional I am today.

I’m a warm person, I love what I do, and you can always count on me to deliver my best whenever you come to NM Beauty, whether as a client or a student. I’m a perfectionist and we demand perfection here.

I really hope we get to meet and work together soon.

Nadia Afanaseva