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Eyebrow extensions training

Nadia Afanaseva and NM Beauty Offers the Best Eyebrow Extension Training

When considering ways to expand your skill set and what you are able to offer as a beautician, neglecting to master eyebrow extensions can be a big mistake. It's an area that's picking up steam across America and all signs are that this trend is only going to continue.

Eyebrow extensions can be thought of in the same way as eyelash extensions, in that the existing eyebrow is extended using to give more length and color using some of the most ground breaking technology and methods in the whole beauty field.

eyebrow extensions training by nadia afanaseva   training in eyebrow extensions for beauticians stylists   

Let's make it clear, when you learn from Nadia Afaneseva and NM Beauty you are learning from award winning leaders in the field. Competitors who have won, in the case of Nadia, on an international level and who's name is as well respected as any top beautician in the entire North East, if not the whole world.

training in eyebrow extensions for beauticians stylists   eyebrow extensions training by nadia afanaseva   training in eyebrow extensions for beauticians stylists   

Complete Training in Eyebrow Extensions

The eyebrow extension procedure is very popular for a number of reasons. Some people love it to improve their looks. Others use it to cover a scar or other feature. Either way, salons who offer it and beauticians and stylists who can perform it have a head's up on competition and a real possibility of increased revenue.

The extensions use special synthetic materials and a special type of glue, all chose not only for appearance and effectiveness, but also to make sure there is no chance of allergic reaction. Making these choices in using the right materials and tools is a big part of the instruction in eyebrow extension at NM Beauty. Making sure you are completely prepared when your instruction is complete on eyebrow extensions training.

The look lasts for between 10 days to a month after application. This makes clients who love the look, sure to come back for more.

Learn from the best in eyebrow extensions in New York and create a great new income stream as a beautician, a makeup artists or a aesthetician. When the you see the extra money coming in each and every week, you're sure to thank us that you did!

For more information (lash training) or eyebrow extensions training at NM Beauty be sure to give us a call.

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