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Eyebrow extension certificate course

Eyebrow extensions is a great way to beautiful and full brows and a solution to cover gaps, scars, side effects of medical treatments, over waxing and over plucking. Eyebrow extensions help to create an arch and to define the form of the brow. Today, thick and full eyebrows become more and more popular. But not many estheticians offer eyebrow extensions services. Take advantage of this business opportunity by receiving eyebrow extensions certificate training.

Estimated earnings:

***all numbers are aproximate and may vary depending on clientele, location, marketing and tips are not included.
Average cost of a procedure
Weekly income: based on 12 clients per week
Annual Income: (Tips are not Included)

This class is recommended for:



Makeup artists

Lash and brow technicians

Benefits after the course:

Increase profits

Expand clientele

Become superior to competitors

Improve professional skills


What will you learn during this course:

Eyebrow extensions techniques

Introduction to multiple techniques of eyebrow application

Eyebrow styling advice

Learn to select a perfect eyebrow shape for every face type

Fix eyebrow damages

Natural looking way to cover sparse, spotted, thin brows

AND much much more...

Included in the course


Professional kit for approximately 70-90 treatments

Study guide

Detailed information of the course with tips and tricks


Certificate of completion of the course issued by the leading expert in the industry

Class Cost

7 Hours Course - $1000.00

space is limited!!!


Class instructor


Founder of Eye Design Studio in New York City

Developer and CEO of NM Beauty line products 

Leading master and trainer of the most innovative eyebrow and eyelash application techniques

The first to bring and teach volume lash application technique in North America


Honored guest and judge of the first eyelash competition in North America

Winner of 2012 and 2013 eyelash competition held in Moscow. 


Client list includes famous actors, singers and business professionals


Reviews from our students

Class Cost

7 Hours Course - $1000.00

space is limited!!!


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