Excellent volume lash program

Excellent volume lash program

Level – 2

New 5th technique – this technique is very easy in performance and safes lots of time. (1,5 hour for full set)!!!!!

1. Overview of the products for volume eyelash extensions:

  • Ultra thin NM beauty Soft Collection 0.06 and 0.05

  • Special tweezers 

  • Adhesives 

  • Removers

  • primer

  • other tools for volume eyelash extensions

2. Precautions with Products

3. Length and curl of eyelash extensions

4. Two different types of adhesive – proper ways of application

5. Gel and cream remover – Techniques for safely removing lashes

6. The Pros and Cons of using eyelash extension primer.

7. Theories of Volume Lashing

  • 0.05,0.06 -7D,8D achieving maximum intensity without any damage to the natural lashes.

  • 5 different techniques of the volume, personal selection of the most convenient technique for every individual during practice.

  • Improving skills with the 5th technique (This special technique is very effective in working with ultra thin lashes in order to achieve ideal result).

  • System of application nonstandard curls such as L, LC.

  • Organization of lengths for more noticeable effects.

  • “Know-how” to make even fans.

  • Unique skill of application for ideal direction.

  • Double compact scheme for impeccable row.

 9. Advanced styling:

  • 17 eyeshapes (tricky eye shapes and their remodeling)

  • 10 extravagant effects

  • Eyebrows and eyelids in styling

  • Tricks of how to change effects during filling process 


HD Photos, videos, charts and presentations are used in class for Excellent volume lash program

The class includes:

  • Eyelash extensions booklet with all the information.

  • Materials for the classroom course.

  • Models

  • Email support after the class.

Designed for masters who have already taken volume eyelash extension course and have experience of at least three month.


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