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Finding yourself & your passion in the beauty industry

In today’s growing and fast-paced beauty industry, there is room for everyone--no matter what your skills are! The benefits of working in the beauty industry are endless. Here you will find stability, flexibility and (most importantly!) happiness.

The beauty industry is a fabulous place to work for women of all ages. Whether you’ve been a lifelong beauty lover who started in the industry after high school or a mom looking to re-enter the workforce on your own terms, the world of beauty is the perfect place for you.

Too many women find themselves feeling lost when it comes to their careers. Some feel they are too busy with children to pursue a new passion, while others are so career-driven that they aren’t enjoying themselves at work. Although your job is a source of income, it should be a source of fulfillment, too! You do not have to live you life with 24/7 stress. It’s time to imagine yourself working a job you love in the beauty industry.

With a seemingly constant flow of breakthroughs and innovations industry-wide, new jobs in beauty are plentiful. Demand for products, trainings and services is high! (And we have a good feeling the demand will continue to grow for years to come, too.) No matter what your skills are, there is a career in beauty where YOU can excel.

Because demand is so high, a career in beauty will provide you with the stability you need to grow. In fact, microblading technicians can make upwards of $400,000 per year! (The average cost of a microblading procedure is $800. If you take 10 clients a week at that price, you will earn $8,000 per week, which amounts to $416,000 per year--and that does not include gratuities!)

Worried that you will not be able to balance the demands of your new job and your personal life? Not only will a career as a beauty professional help you increase your income, it will also allow you to learn at your own pace, set your own schedule and ultimately be your own boss! This flexibility is especially important for busy moms who must tend to their children’s schedules. It also gives you the freedom to pursue other endeavors; you can arrange your workday so that you have time for classes and training programs two or three times a week. Many of Eye Design’s technicians do this so that they can maintain their careers while learning new techniques to bring to our studio. We are a team of lifelong learners and we encourage you to be the same way! Personal growth is essential no matter what you do for a living.

We often hear the stereotype that beauty is superficial, or that those of us in the industry only care about the way we look. These claims are so far from the truth! Beauty is about much more than your appearance. The Eye Design team knows that our job involves making others feel like the best, most confident versions of themselves. In our world beauty comes from within! Don’t fear that following a beauty career may leave you unfulfilled--you will feel truly happy at the end of each day doing that you changed the lives of your clients. Beauty is truly our passion, and we promise that once you join the industry, it will quickly become yours, too.

Want to jumpstart your beauty career with the experts at Eye Design? We offer private and group training workshops year-round. To learn more or to enroll today, visit our Eye Design University website

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