Basic training

Basic eyelash training

Eyelash extensions are an effective way for a woman to become even more attractive. Eyelash extensions become more popular every day. Each case requires skill, and eyelashes can become a very highly paid profession. This occupation will be in demand for a long time, as more and more women desire eyelash extensions when seeing the success of her friends. Many women can no longer imagine life without them!

The basic course for eyelash extensions at the studio school of outstanding master, Nadia Afanaseva, is a reliable way to get “expensive” professional and acquired skills to the master level. It is suitable for both beginners who have no experience with this procedure as well as novice masters who know the basics of the process but do not understand the intricacies of the practice. Get a new profession, and you will lay the foundation of your wealth and improve your standard of living.

The program is a basic course consisting of the following elements:

1. The introduction, which includes a brief history of the development of the method.

2. Features of the structure and shape of the eye.

3. Safety regulations.

4. Familiarity with the methods of building lashes, including the two-stream and Japanese (poresnichno) technology.

5. Familiarity with the tools, work-related materials and their uses. This considers in detail the classification of stackable eyelashes in length, thickness, curvature and the types of glue used.

6. The process of preparing the eye to capacity, including the right makeup removal and protection of the lower eyelid.

7. Modeling the eyelashes with the shape of the eye and other individual characteristics of the client.

8. The scheme of building, its customization for specific cases and modifications to produce desired effects.

9. The fundamental principles of the classical eyelash.

10. Correction eyelashes.

11. Careful and clever removal of eyelash extensions.

12. Communication with customers and its psychology. This is a short course on advertising and tips on how to earn a customer base for a novice.

The basic course lasts six to eight hours. The main part of the course is dedicated to the practical part of training and working on live models. The theoretical part takes time, as much as you need to master the success of eyelash extensions.

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